The BrainFuel Team is comprised of professionals from around the world collaborating to bring you the best in mind conditioning programs, designed to give your brain what it needs to succeed!

Andria Michele, CEO, Content Creation

Andria was raised in a small town in the high desert of California and currently lives in another small town on a mountaintop in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota in the USA.

She has one cat, lots of plants, and too many dreams and projects for one person.

BrainFuelTraining is Andria's brainchild and she is excited to present a few decades worth of experience in helping people create changes in their lives in this fun, easy to follow, and comprehensive format. Enjoy! 

More about Andria:
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Adam G. Linder, Audio Mixer & Editor

Born in Cape Town and raised in England, Adam has been working in the field of Audio for over 11 years - recording musicians, creating sound effects, and editing audio for film & TV. Adam is now a full-time Freelance Audio Editor, and has two dogs, three cats, and a dove.

Adam works on all Brain Fuel Training audio products, pulling the recorded pieces together, adding music, and other effects. Adam is a true professional and we highly recommend him!

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Scott Miller Sr, Audio Recording Engineer

Owner of Flat Iron Recording, Scott has spent most of his life performing and recording. He lives in the Southern Black Hills of South Dakota with his wife. Recording is Scott's passion and he enjoys helping people reach their goals whether it be in music or any type of audio project. Scott operates Flat Iron Recording with his son Scott Jr. and daughter Sarah.

Scott records all Brain Fuel Training audio products and does the initial editing at his recording studio in Rapid City, South Dakota, United States. 

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