She just came for an interview.

A young journalist working for a local magazine.

She knew ahead of time that this was an "off day" for us at the office - no formal attire, make-up, hair, etc. "That's fine," she said, "the photographer is coming on a different day."

As she started the interview and I talked about hypnosis, I could tell she was entranced with the subject so I asked her if she wanted to experience it. She immediately agreed.

My staff hypnotist happened to join us in the interview and he whipped out his phone to take a video.

What you see here is the 2 min version of this raw and unplanned "mini-session" (just under 20 minutes) that I did during this interview.

In this video I do things I had never done before, such as having her forget her name. 

She's an enchanting young woman with a sweet, angelic presence, and I very much enjoyed hypnotizing her.

I hope you do too!

Get Behind the Scenes with a Professional Hypnotist

Watch the full length, and unedited video of "Unsuspecting Journalist gets Hypnotized!"


Do you wonder what might happen in a hypnotist's office?

This video is a great introduction to what you might experience in my office.

It's also a great introduction to how a hypnotist handles unplanned sessions, issues that come up, and trying something new.

Go Deeper

You've seen the edited down version of unplanned hypnosis above that's under 2 minutes. 

Now see the complete uncut version, the full and unplanned hypnosis session, which is just over 18 minutes. 

More of the language patterns, and full of learning moments...

I have even added commentary before, during, and after the video for the hypnosis curious.

What is included...

Full Uncut Video

That's right, from start to finish. You'll see it all!

The fun, the cool, the mistakes, the great feelings.

I only sliced off a few seconds at the beginning and at the end.

Intro to the clip

I have added an introduction to the clip, giving you background information on who I am, where we are, and what the situation is more fully.

This hypnosis video was unplanned!

Notations throughout the clip

I don't start and stop the clip to explain things (I find that jarring myself) so instead I let it run. 

If you want to learn hypnosis or are currently practicing at any level, I have included little typed comments at the bottom of the screen, when appropriate.

For those watching for entertainment, you can simply ignore them.

Clip Recap

At the end of the clip, I talk more on some of the finer (and not so fine) moments.

I also give encouragement to new hypnotists, and share some more insights.

I don't hold back!

This is pretty raw hypnosis footage. I make mistakes in this video. (#facepalm) It's probably part of the reason why I didn't release it years ago.

I don't edit them out because that defeats the purpose of this video, but I do point out places that I think could've been handled better and explain how to handle it differently.

Thank you so much. This was the best 7 dollars I've ever spent. I hope you put out more of these."



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Unsuspecting Journalist gets Hypnotized
Unsuspecting Journalist gets Hypnotized

Taylor Reaves was expecting to interview me; instead, I hypnotized her!