Conversational Magic

How does someone help another turn a bad mood into a good one?
How do you turn no's into yeses?
How do you build that "I feel like I've known you forever" in a few minutes?

rapport persuasion

Build rapport more easily

Learn how to talk to people more easily, gaining trust and confidences.

Understand the principles behind conversational skills that create success in relationships.

Turn no's into yeses

Tired of not being able to persuade people to your way of thinking? Join us and learn how to turn those no's into yeses!

Great for parents, sales people, teachers... pretty much anybody that talks to others!


I came because I had some personal problems I wanted help with... the class was fun... really interactive... a great class... and I would probably even do it again...

Stan Winkowistch

South Dakota


I was anticipating a school like setting... It was interactive which petrifies me, but by the end we were giving each other tips, and having fun.

Kathy Flores



I was very excited because I'm a believer <in hypnosis>, things really started coming together, and I know every interaction will now be positive

Eian Shrag
South Dakota

group friends rapport persuasion

Better conversations

Everybody has people they love talking to when they are down. But sometimes those conversations can take a while. Learn how to quickly turn around a bad emotional state to something better... even great!

Yes, you can do it!

Powerful conversational skills can be learned!

Persuade others to your way of thinking more easily... 

Works with friends, children, family, bosses, coworkers...

conversational hypnosis class

Get through the sticky moments more easily

We've all had those conversations, either personally or professionally. Conversations that can be rough for all involved. 

What do you do when your rapport is broken? Repair it!

Conversations built on a firm foundation of regard and rapport can go a lot farther than those that are built on shifting sands.

Learn to navigate sticky moments more gracefully in this class, and in some cases... avoid them altogether!

During a professional conversation which was not intended to end well per the other party, I was able to smoothly and eloquently persuade the conversation into a more positive outcome.

This outcome benefits not only the company I work for, but myself as well. This conversation was only positive with the use of the techniques taught through "Conversational Magic" by Andria

conversational hypnosis persuasion class

Jesse Berckes

Canby, MN

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Course will be held in Rapid City, South Dakota, USA. (Specific address given upon registration.)

Dates: November 16-17, 2019

Saturday & Sunday
Time: 10:00am - 5:30pm

Cost: $197/person

SPECIAL: First 4 spaces available for only $97!!

Course size is limited to 8 people.

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It may be another year before we offer this class again... better join us now!

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