Better Beverages

Not drinking enough water?

Drinking too much soda pop, or alcohol?

This audio is here to help you more easily drink more water and healthy beverages and drink less of the things that are unhealthy for you. 

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Many people find they quickly begin drinking more water, and decrease unwanted and unhealthy beverages such as soda pop, and alcohol. 

Loved this one!! I don't drink soda or juice and hardly any alcohol any more so I THOUGHT I was drinking enough water... I would say my average daily consumption was 40-68oz and closer to the lower end on most days. I have increased my average daily consumption every week. Currently, I am drinking between 120-140 oz per day.

Leah Scofield ‚Äč

Before I listened to the "Better Beverages" audio I was drinking soda all the time. I was also drinking a lot of other sugary drinks. But when my hypnotist gave me that audio I thought I didn't need it.

I listened to it anyway. I saw a huge change. I drank a lot of water and hot tea and my body felt overall better. My skin was clear and my organs felt alive. I felt overall happier.

Even thinking into the future I imagine how much sugar isn't going to go into my body anymore. At least I know now I won't gain anymore bad weight from sugary drinks.

Rapid City, SD

Audio Sample

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Track: Better Beverages
Artist: Andria Michele
Music: "Natural Summer Beauty - Long" by Jeff Woodall
Binaural beats: Theta 5.0Hz
Length: 28:34 mins

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