Break Bad Eating Habits

This is the best audio program to stop those bad eating patterns that you may have gotten into.

Boredom eating
Stress eating
Emotional eating

Overfilling yourself
And more... !

This is the audio for you!


Retrain your brain to eat right in the right amounts and at the right times.

Binge eat, stress eating, eating when I am bore, over eating in general… I have done it all!

I would sit down at my desk and it would trigger a feeling I needed to munch on something. I would come back to my desk after lunch, I would be full, but I had to have something to munch on. I was unable to concentrate on work until I gave in to this craving.


I was so tired at the end of the day we would either eat out or grab fast food on the way home. If by chance I was making something at home I had to be munching on something while cooking.

After starting the Breaking Bad Eating Habits audio the cravings have stopped. I now bring a couple healthy snacks for the day and there are some days that I totally forget I have them. I also pack my lunch now, so I have a healthy lunch instead of running for fast food. 


I am cooking more at home. I don’t snack while preparing supper and I don’t feel the need to have an evening snack.


I drink tons of water. I crave water. 


I normally listen to this audio when I wake up in the morning. I actually wake up earlier each morning just so I can listen to the audio before I start the day. I have listened to the audio over my lunch hour or before going out at night for supper with friends. It has helped me to make better choices. 


I have been listening to this audio for about 4 weeks now and I have lost 12 lbs.  I have done every fad diet there is out there. I have done the yoyo for years. Losing the weight only to gain it back and then some. I feel more in control of my eating habits then I have ever felt. 


I am looking forward not only to continuing to lose weight, but to the energy and positivity I am feeling." 

Linda Peterson Rapid City, SD

Audio Sample

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Track: Break Bad Eating Habits
Artist: Andria Michele
Music: Resting Love by Kesseny
Binaural beats: Theta 6.5Hz
Length: 23:55 mins

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