Confidently Calm

Would you like to feel confident without an ego or boasting?

Confidently Calm was created to boost your confidence while increasing relaxation and serenity.


Most people that listen to this feel an overall sense of well-being, ability to handle life's pressures more easily, and feel better about themselves overall.

Really liked this one, at first thought it was too long but after the first time through, I enjoyed it. I have a high stress job and find myself not getting as "keyed up" when the stressful situations hit. I also think this helped with sticking to the goals, having the confidence to continue even if I didn't see immediate results..

Leah Scofield,
Woonsocket, SD

I listen to the Confidently Calm Audio almost every night before going to sleep. I feel I sleep better and I wake feeling well rested and ready for the day.

I work in a busy office with multiple personalities and egos.  I find since I have started listening to this audio I am able to tone out and detach from some of the office drama and negativity.  I feel I am able to focus on work better, I have a clearer mind and I am more productive. 

I have also noticed changes at home. Since I am well rested, I don’t come home from work tired. So I have been cooking supper at home instead of grabbing something fast food. I find I am more motivated go get my evening chores done so I can take the time to listen to this audio. I also find I am not sitting down in front of the television all night. I am excited every night to take the time to listen to this audio.

Rapid City, SD

I recently signed up for the weight loss program and after doing so was sent home with a CD called, "Confidently Calm" to listen to each night when heading to bed. 

After listening to it for only one week I no longer had anxiety or panic attacks at the dentist. This was a huge accomplishment after having issues since I was a child. My dentist was very impressed since she had witnessed all of anxiety attacks before.

Lisa Rensland

Insurance Agent

"Confidently Calm" from Andria's BrainFuel Training feels like it was made for me. Andria's voice is assertive, yet comforting, creating both confident and safe feelings.

The background sounds are purposeful, and add to the recording. It is easy to understand and visualize.

"Confidently Calm" creates an inner feeling of peaceful strength with its powerful words, which are just what I needed to hear. 

Phylicia Mason

Palm Springs, CA

Audio Sample

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Track: Confidently Calm
Artist: Andria Michele
Music: "Divine Relaxation" by Shawn Brice
Binaural beats: Theta 7.5Hz
Length: 40:31 mins

Audio Product

Streaming or downloadable audio product. 

Mind Conditioning Audio Product

This audio product is a guided relaxation experience designed to give your mind what it needs to succeed. 

Each audio product is custom designed to create results through repatterining the neural pathways that create our habits of thought, emotion, and action. 

The product is a combination of guided relaxation, music, and binaural beats that guide the listener into a relaxed state.

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