Eating for Healthy Living

Add better foods into your diet. 

More greens, veggies, fruits, whole grains, and lean meats.

Build the neural pathways for success!

Everyone knows you need to eat healthy to feel good and lose weight. This audio helps you to choose healthy food.


Crave better foods and find it easier to make healthy choices.

Funny and ironic story. 

The plan was to record some audio sessions, then grab a burger at a local fast food place, then do some errands and go home. It was a normal routine for me when I went into town 1-2 times a week to go to this joint for a burger.

Although I generally eat healthy, like many people I made excuses about this place like, "It's better than most fast food places, " or, "It's only once a week," etc.  Oh, the lies we tell ourselves...


The day that I recorded this session I broke the routine. I knew when I left the building that I couldn't go there so I grabbed a healthier option and have done so ever since. That was three months ago. 

I had been eating fast food at least once a week for months. Now I have only had fast food once in the last three months.

People laugh, but even recording these programs can be very powerful for me sometimes. 

Andria Michele BrainFuel Coach

Audio Sample

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Track: Eating for Healthy Living
Artist: Andria Michele
Music: "Blue Haven" by Jeff Woodall
Binaural beats: Alpha 8.5Hz
Length: 31:58 mins

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Mind Conditioning Audio Product

This audio product is a guided relaxation experience designed to give your mind what it needs to succeed. 

Each audio product is custom designed to create results through repatterining the neural pathways that create our habits of thought, emotion, and action. 

The product is a combination of guided relaxation, music, and binaural beats that guide the listener into a relaxed state.

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