Perpetually Productive

Do you come home from work and just sit on the couch?

This is a great audio for keeping yourself productive.


Get more done with more confidence and less stress.

So I had a client in for another issue and in her session she said she was having difficulties after work. Instead of going home and getting things done, she would go home and sit on the couch.

So I did a session for her, and then I went home and was a busy little bee myself! It was awesome!

About a week later, I made this product so we all can enjoy a little extra pep in our daily step."

Andria Michele BrainFuel Coach

Audio Sample

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Track: Perpetually Productive
Artist: Andria Michele
Music: "015518-Kesseny-S54_msp-s24 rt v1" by Kesseny
Binaural beats: Theta 4.5Hz
Length: 26:15 mins

Audio Product

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Mind Conditioning Audio Product

This audio product is a guided relaxation experience designed to give your mind what it needs to succeed. 

Each audio product is custom designed to create results through repatterining the neural pathways that create our habits of thought, emotion, and action. 

The product is a combination of guided relaxation, music, and binaural beats that guide the listener into a relaxed state.

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