The Perfect Session

Are you a coach, a therapist, a hypnotist, or in a similar profession where you have sessions with clients?

If you're new you usually don't have the confidence of years of experience and that can create nerves and other problems.

This audio will calm you down and get you as prepared as possible, helping you to access all the resources within you.

Been in the business for awhile? It's hard to have a perfect session every session so this audio helps you get "on" if you're feeling "off".


Feel more confident, and secure in your sessions.


The Perfect Session is two audio programs... a regular length audio and then a bonus 5 minute audio you can use quickly before a session.

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Audio Sample

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Track: The Perfect Session
Artist: Andria Michele
Music: "People Who Care Love" by Kesseny
Binaural beats: Theta 5.5Hz
Length: 23:34 mins

Audio Product

Streaming or downloadable audio product. 

Mind Conditioning Audio Product

This audio product is a guided relaxation experience designed to give your mind what it needs to succeed. 

Each audio product is custom designed to create results through repatterining the neural pathways that create our habits of thought, emotion, and action. 

The product is a combination of guided relaxation, music, and binaural beats that guide the listener into a relaxed state.

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